Tale of the hooker

The hooker stood upon the street corner

laughing hard at all that scorned her

her red hair tangled about her shoulders bare

they were all looking, but she couldn't care

Another speeding car passed her by

as she wiggled her hips with her hand on her thigh

Getting the feeling she was done for the day

she kissed her hand to her lips and walked away

for the man she had tried to woo before

had spread the rumours of her smutty amore

Overpriced and undersexed

he'd been cheated and was thusly vexed

Fabricated tales of her bitter defeat

had done the rounds upon the street

Now none of the men wanted this whore

but she'd come back tomorrow to hunt some more

little did she know the police had heard the tale

sped around the corner, right upon her tail

followed her a little way, then cuffed and took her in

she paid the price entirely for her dirty litte sin

So when her daughters grow up, looking up to mom

she'll tell them tales of happiness, not of streetwise bums

And thinking back to her past, she'll realise all for naught

Losing part of herself only to be caught.

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