The vulture lands to pick apart its prey,

Crimson envy lurking as the feathers spray,

Vicious little creature whos eyes roll to black,

Claws rip into flesh as the whip begins to crack,

Crack, whip, crack and let the blood flow free,

Spiteful little vermin that cannot even see,

Cackles as the blood spatters on the ground,

Dry desert wanderer seeking to be found,

Now nothing but a corpse in a sea of sand,

Tried to find its way through the bitter hostile land,

But met with uncertain and possible doom

Waited as the thunder clouds overhead did loom

And the rains came crashing down, a thousand a time

Took to her wings, to find her home sublime

but burnt by the lightning, their perch now destroyed

Destined to fly forever, in this sandy void

No longer will the prey fall foul of your sweet game

You'll never feast upon their flesh, never ever again

And as you lay their dying, rain upon your beak

You'll wish you never touched them, as your end you meet.

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