Of rain and white marble.

The white marble floor looks so welcoming

as the rain beats down on the bathroom window

lights out, it's empty and cold

just like how I'm feeling

but I'll keep on sitting here

head in hands and tears down my face

trying to find the place in which I belong.

Where did I go wrong?

To want to end this all so bitterly

I can see the red splash against the mirrors

shattered at my feet as I fall to the ground

to be welcomed by chilling arms

as the warm blood cools in the night air.

I don't want these thoughts

in fact I long to be rid of these vile images

embedded in my brain of angst and pain

but the truth of it is

this is who I am

And it's all I despise and want to be rid of.

So I'll listen to the rain for at least an hour more

watch the waters slide down the window

and look outside in the hopes that one day

I can be out there too

instead of sitting here alone

pondering my own downfall

at my own hand.

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