For every word you haven't said

another thought lurks in my head

for every thing you want to say

another worry heads my way

Why do you turn away from me?

Those tears, (I wasn't meant to see)

but to see that pain within your eyes

Was I the cause of your demise?

For every time you stop to think

I find myself upon the brink

For every wish that you hold back

I find myself losing the track

Why do you hide away from me?

Empty truths and lies I see

but to know you're hurting deep inside

Was I the cause of your demise?

I wish you'd tell me where I stand

we used to walk hand in hand

Now we're opposite sides of the street

Your eyes dare mine to meet

And you still don't care that it hurts me

To see you suffer, I can't leave it be

So tell me the words you long to tell

Keeping them inside allows you to fail

I can't help you to fly or rise

If you allow me to be your demise.

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