Vile Tease

Slut, whore, bicycle - I don't really care the name

You're all so fucking typical, all the complete same

A relationship means nothing, you're out to have your fun

another kiss, another drink, you're not the only one

behind your beloveds back, what have you to gain?

You'll lose everything you ever had, and you'll be to blame

another game of cat and mouse, though while the cats away...

You'll steal another persons man, and laugh along the way

Does it fill you with pleasure to make those grown men squirm?

You cocktease, flirt, you vile little worm,

You think it's just a little giggle, though my girl your wrong

you haven't got a chance in hell to ever really belong

I'm telling you, if you touched my man you'd die

but you don't seem to care with other guys, I see it in your eye

You don't care who is hurting, you don't care what's at stake

You'll just end up tampering, and causing hearts to break

Then you have the cheek to ask for advice on what to do

How about 'STOP FUCKING AROUND', that good enough for you?

Girls like you give girls like me a bad and dirty name

I hope your man finds out soon, and treats you just the same.

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