Feeling rejected

my heartache detected

I shy away from the hate

in this empty state

just a shell of deception

I have no recollection

of any thought past or present

these feelings were not meant

not meant for my vessel

with these emotions I'll wrestle

and the tears keep on flowing

my eyes are not glowing

as black as my heart sinks

bitterness my soul drinks

as I look on in sorrow

and pray for tomorrow

As I'm not accepted

tossed and dejected

through the empty window

watching the moon low

and the light shines across me

but I still cannot see

caught up in my self hatred

on glass shards, I will tread

Until I shed my last tear

and watch on within fear

at the beauty surrounding

reality comes pounding

I could never be the beauty

that they claim that they see

through rose colored glass

a soul without mass

for I die without thought

another lesson been taught

but I cannot listen

I've lost my mission

a lone girl awaiting fate

coming, but comes too late...

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