Timeless Little Girl

The clock ticks on, the time counts down

another hour, another frown

yet more tears that I shall shed

while laying here lonely on my bed

No faith with which to occupy thoughts

No memories to dwell on, no revelations caught

just an empty mind of unhappiness

as I lay here in my nightdress

In the dark of night, midnight hour passed

draw up my blankets, I'll sleep my last

for the ghostly demons that lurk in my room

bring nothing but fear and ultimately, doom

for I've had enough of the mundane

each day turns, each day the same

each second passing like the one before

I am nothing, I can be nothing more

And so with a sigh, I turn my head

and rest on my pillow upon my bed

in hopes that God will find me a place

within his skies, to begin the chase

to finally belong in this empty world

another timeless little girl.

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