I told you so

I guess it's hard to tell you,

And the things I want to say,

So I'll tell you in my footsteps,

And the metal of my blade,

Feel my sword upon you,

Tearing you apart,

Just like you did to me then,

When you broke my heart.

I'll haunt you and your armies,

I'll follow you in stealth,

Erase your image from history,

Forget the feelings I felt,

And then when in your early grave,

I'll curse you as you drift,

Through the limbo of endlessness,

Your very soul will split.

Now feel this cold breath of mine,

And hear these words I say,

I'll journey on without you,

But you will be my prey,

With my sword as my claw I'll watch you,

I'll watch you as I go,

And all the time I'll be laughing,

Telling you 'I told you so'.

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