The world is waiting

When walking in the sunshine of a day crisp and fresh

the views beyond this window make me stop to catch my breath

and yet I seem to spend more time here each and every day

seem to push that beautiful world all too far away

I never really realised what awaits outside that door

because I'm always sat here, longing for just a little more

than this mundane life I've settled with, away from skies of blue

away from all that happiness of a world I never knew

I know one day it will be mine, but now I'm denied that right

everytime I take that step outside, I return to another fight

So do I sit here and waste away? Or step out and be bold?

One day we'll share this together, to love and to hold

Those days better not be far away, as I can feel myself want to break

these days of empty lonliness I fear I cannot take

And I know you need me here with you, but you must understand

there's a world out there waiting, waiting to take my hand...

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