Dedication to Tony

A moment of comfort, a warm embrace

the arms of a friend so easy to trace

just the knowledge that someone cares for me so

when lost and bewildered, I know where to go

for care and protection, my Guardian awaits

I'll be his protected, his arms are my gates

just as a childish game all of this became

it may sound silly and it may sound lame

but my Guardian he'll be until the very end

I'm proud to call him my best friend

So on drunken nights, when he's by my side

helping me walk and not lose my pride

and while out on the town, I'll link his arm

so I can walk without coming to harm

He's there when I'm needy, he's there when I'm alone

He's so much like me, in all that he's shown

and he evens stands back to allow me my grace

he knows his role and I know my place

So thankyou to Sin, and always stay true

I know I have a best friend, a best friend in you.

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