Beneath the stars of the satin skies,

Held such glory from his eyes,

Though he was injured, he smiled still,

And I felt my very essence fill,

He held me close, my trembling form,

A whole new emotion about to be born,

And he watched me with a wonderous gaze,

Those azure globes I'd longed for, for days,

Time seemed to stop, but I felt his heart beat,

A thousand per second, feelings beneath,

I closed my eyes as he raised his head,

I knew he was thinking of the war and the dread,

But I looked up to him, and kissed him one time,

His eyes moved to me, and then they met mine,

And as he held me, kissing me so,

I felt this emotion blossom and grow,

Now, with his hand, he reached out to me,

Touched my cheek and then told me I was free,

He'd broken the chains, he'd claimed me again,

Then with a kiss, I let down my rain.

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