Hesitant Devotion

I have taken one step into the journey of the heart

Though uncertain and afraid, I'll play my part

Yet I am no longer but a puppet in lifes game

I wear my own masks and seek my own aim

No longer a pawn in fates enigmatic tale

I'll make my own route, to win or to fail

But at least I know this now, I will not fear

I wish and I long that one day you'll be here.

I dread our first meeting, that initial first glance

Both risking everything, and taking that chance

I fear that we'll fall apart, as people often do

Or that I'll end up falling even more in love with you.

I can imagine the jump of my heart as we meet

That icy silence as we both drag our feet

Stepping into an unknown, unfamiliar land

Longing just to move on and walk, hand in hand

Our conversation slow, at a loss for speech

Those words we want to say, just out of reach

For we each have a heart of fragile glass

Not wanting to break the other, that moment will pass

Will we say those words which have remained unsaid?

That too becomes added to the long list of my dread.

But not all of this tale is of pain and fright

In fact a happier side is soon to come to light

It is a story of a sweet and cherished friend

One who I will trust even beyond the bitter end

Another step I will take as I journey on

Listen to your heartbeat, and then you'll know the song.

We share so much in common, we are quite the same

And no matter what happens, a friend you will remain

If not more, you'll allowed mean a whole lot to me

You've been my shoulder, been my precious angel free

Your wings carry me and allow me to soar

You are my soul mate, I couldn't ask for any more

And in your times of doubt, and your times of trial

I'll be there to help you, and try to make you smile.

Though hesitant in devotion, you'll never be alone

I've acceped this feeling, and the feelings you have shown

Who knows what the future holds, I guess we'll wait and see

With me along side you, and you beside me...

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