Holding on.

You sought to find yourself, you searched your very core

emptied all the memories just so you could explore

Did you find the answers hunted for? Did you find divine release?

Did the heavens open up to you? To you, did God once speak?

You shied away from happiness to wallow in your doubt

tossed away the love you felt, there was only one way out

I waited here, head in hands, anxiously wondering my fate

Could it be that I'm not good enough? Did my love hold no weight?

Bitter heart and bitter tongue, I tried to hold my breath

I thought upon the tendancies, but I left them all to rest

I'd ride through this trial, gaping hole within my heart

Just to hear the words at the end, the end of the start

But just as I felt all was through and we would be no more

You came back to me, and the love you once again swore

And though I hold the memories and I cannot be without

I know that this is what we need, of that I have no doubt

You thanked me for holding on, I thank you for the same

Perhaps we'll stay together, this time without the pain

This time we'll try our hardest, this time won't slip away

I love you with all my heart, and that's all I can say.

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