Gothic Dream

Another gothic dream I have dreamt

another sleepless night has been spent

through tossing and turning, thoughts of black

and images thrown upon my minds track

beaten and bloody, worn and whipped

fallen and bruised, I tumbled and slipped

in a barrage of blues and purples of fury

I searched for the passion, I hunted the glory

but met with spires and arches of hate

I opened my eyes before too late

just to see that my nightmare was the sad truth

I just needed to see it, I needed that proof

another lone soul, depressed and deprived

in a room of darkness, left there to hide

from the venom of life, that bitter sweet dread

I fall back to sleep, in my hellish bed

I don't know when to wake, my dreams can't compare

to the hurt in my life, the pain that's left there

so I'll endure the menace spun forth in my brain

but I'd rather live thoughts than my life again.

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