My Evolution

From the beginning of time

The dawn of the sun

an apricot sky

falling down on everyone

I was born from the rays

wings slow to unfurl

falling through seasons

An airbourne earth girl

Fires grow wild

dragging me down

into this existance

Losing my crown

My feathers fall like tears

onto soft soil

the dove at my shoulder

heart, serpent coils

Both looking bleakly

upon this plane

this curse set upon me

to live yet again

My feelings have fled

I'm left alone

To begin my evolution

a life etched in stone

Butterflies drift about me

Whispering words of winds

I'll shake off the feathers

and break these binds

Listen to the songs

tales of the past

thoughts of the future

moments long last

In a single wing beat

I've heard history

yet forget it as I fall

and drift endlessly

The eyes of God

One silver and worn

One golden and majestic

from my sight torn

As I'm tossed from the skies

and into this hell

to live life again

with new stories to tell

New memories to make

and moments to live

I'll cast off my halo

and into life, give.

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