Build up your defenses

Go on, scale that wall

you won't admit defeat

you'll tumble after you fall

concede once and a while

and then walk on with pride

but you're in denial

small talk before you hide

Make up your excuses

so you'll have your way out

that way it's easy

you won't need to cry or shout

instead you'll put me through this

this crazy guilt trip game

tired of this happening

and now it's happening again

Go on, talk down to me

I'm used to it by now

you'll make me feel inferior

and I know you don't care how

you say you don't realise

but I think you know what's right

you're just covering up your faults

but instead they come to light

So now I'll sit here crying

because you couldn't once give in

you had to be the victor

accepted your biggest sin

to allow yourself to look over me

and all of my feelings inside

and now I'm the one wanting out

the one wanting to hide...

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