So sue me.

Judge me, mock me, oh internet shadow

your words on a screen which flickers and fades

I couldn't care what you think of me

you know of what the path to good intentions is paved

you find me obnoxious and not of good heart

well you have the choices to put that at rest

this world has a window, and various options

maybe it's time to put 'ignore' to the test

so before you go on about how you want to know me

to rescue this maiden like many have before

just know I made this bed, I'm willing to lay here

and take whatever else that life needs me to endure

I'm not some muse who makes Godly choices

and I'm not some girl that just needs a friend

I'm the one damn thing that most people detest

I'm the middle of the story, never the end

so if I don't fit to your social standard

if I'm too cynical to fit your mold

then there's a step you can take to get rid of me

if only you'd be so brave and so bold

Move those shaking fingers across that message

and find the option that induces the shock

and once you tap that single mouse button

lo and behold, you'll have me blocked.

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