Let my heart break

One arguement after the other

it's like this spiral never ends

(I'm holding onto the silken rope

but I fear that I'll let go again)

and all I hear are hurtful words

full of anger and of spite

I don't care what the purpose was

I don't care who was wrong or right

Tired of miscommunication

is there an end to what we've begun?

I'll hide myself away 'til then

I'll take to my heels and then I'll run

because I can't keep on this rollercoaster

I'm not strong enough to endure the ride

Just move along and let it settle

let the present feelings slide

and maybe later when you're ready

we'll sit down and talk some more

just leave me alone right now

let me sink down to the floor

allow me this sweet depression

the melodies of my heart ache

you'll find I'll be alright tomorrow

but for now, let my heart break.

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