Antisemantic (RSM)

I'm tired of your social lost causes

I'm tired of your pregnant pauses

I'm tired, so tired, I'm so fucking tired


You say I'm out of touch

Cuz I'm an only child and I think too much

You say that it's a rush

Engaging me in battle, gotta keep it hush hush

You say, you say, I think you've said enough


I've got gin dreams and second hand nic fits

I've got magic beans and side stick cymbal hits

I've got, I've got, little Hello Kitty tits


I said four words in a certain order

So they confiscated my tape recorder

I've been called a bitch, I've been called a slut

But you can't call me cuz you don't have my number


Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are lyrics for a song by my band.

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