The game of love


You should have come with a warning label,
maybe a set of instructions.

Don't get too close,
don't say the L word,
don't give your heart away.

I thought I knew how to play this game,
yeah I thought I had beginner's luck,
but you turned me into a fool for love.

I thought it was my turn to roll the dice,
thought just maybe I'd win this time.

Guess I forgot the cardinal rule,
I'd always have to say goodbye to you.

So long in the shadows,
locked outside like a starving child,
just waiting for you to open the door and welcome me inside.

Gave me a home,
someplace to belong,
I thought that I found paradise.

Misplaced loyalty,
was that all it was?

Gilded promises,
left to die?

Whispered nothings in my ear,
comfort and compassion,
I found peace when you were near.

I begin to see that I can't win this game,
even though I would choose you first,
you'd never do the same.

That's ok, I don't mind,
I don't need to win first prize.

Now I know how the story ends,
I can let it play out the way its meant,
as long as I never forget again.

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