Another night falls,
I look for you,
somehow you're soothing to me.

Confiding, laughing, playfully teasing,
talking to you brightens my day.

You seem familiar,
have I known you before?

Disjointed flashes of memory,
from another time and life,
some clear, some of you.

sibling, friendship,
you're family.

Some days you don't feel it though,
phantom from the past,
forgotten moments of a existence before,
trying to make it make sense.

Everything I see is a reflection,
your heart is stone,
so why do you join me when I'm alone?

Maybe its nothing, just imagination,
product of madness, hallucinations.

Or maybe this life isn't what we expected,
maybe the timing is off,
former life that's haunting.

If I rescue you,
will you save me?

If I start to fall,
can I reach for you?

Maybe its not meant to be understood,
only felt, but for some reason I don't know,
I remember you.

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