Skin Deep


Look in my eyes,
do you see shadows,
do I look back into yours?

Do you see my soul?
Look deeper.

See my smile,
does it seem real,
how do you know its not fake?
Try again.

See my pale skin,
the mirror I avoid,
can you guess why?

Look again,
see what I'm not showing.

I say the words that come to mind,
but there are so many more left unsaid,
screaming inside.

Can you hear them?
Listen harder.

I try to be normal,
try to breathe,
but they're uneven,
can you tell?

Watch closer.

Nothing is ever what it seems,
the beauty you think you see,
its only skin deep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My muse decided to mess with me

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demigodess's picture

it should mess with you more often.

this is beautiful. i love poems that have such a drastic closing line. makes you want to read it over and over again, just to relive the moment. good job :)

~Grass is green~ <^>

clutchforbalance's picture

Thank you

Thank you

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...