Life's unseen side


I'd like to write a song for the suffering,
some sweet words to lift their spirits higher,
maybe enough to shed a tear,
make a deaf heart fear.

I'd like to show a blind love truth,
a selfish desire purity,
but those are powers that exist beyond me.

I'd like to hold the wildness inside of him,
calm his fears, prove that through it all, I was here.

I'd like to write what I feel,
let my words bleed into poetry,
a secret song to each artist out there.

I'd like to stand on a mountain,
watch the sun going down,
to know I'm on top of the world,
how surreal does that sound?

I'd like to look into a pair of eyes,
but see instead their soul,
to feel that pull in me, the one that never gets old.

I'd like to feel a hand reaching for mine,
a smile that I didn't realize was on my face,
to know I'm not as alone as I seem.

We all need comfort, for someone to push our boundaries,
I'd like to be that guiding force for truth,
a steady balance of light and dark,
a wise woman with a heart of gold.

I care too much, trust too easily,
fear each unlived moment, and love each stolen one.

I'd like to share the world as I see it,
but not with just anyone, it should be appreciated,
that's only half the fun.

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love it!

love it!