Casualties of society


He sits in his living room, remote in hand,
a door slams distantly, and he mutes the screen.

His neighbors are home, back at it again,
she's screaming again, the sounds of fighting getting louder.

A crash, then silence, and he stands,
unsure of what to do, he listens.

The battle begins every night,
he's watched her eyes dart warily,
she won't say a word though,
she still loves him endlessly.

She stares into her reflection,
hand flat on her belly, disgust coloring her features,
turning for the bathroom, she locks the door.

Never skinny enough,
good enough, pretty enough,
she purges herself of food,
if only she could do the same to her mind.

A young girl packs a bag and glances around her room,
parents are unconscious, needles stuck in their veins,
another overdose, she can't take anymore.

Will they notice she's gone, she wonders,
dropping to the ground silently,
she looks back just for a moment,
she's a runaway, trying to escape this life.

A body is found lying amongst the gutters of the street,
skirt pushed up, hair spread like a dirty halo,
blood dries on her legs, innocence lost,
just another casualty, another statistic in society.

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only you know how this has

only you know how this has touched me on that personal level. in just a few lines youve captured me. *tear*... if only I could do the same to my mind...