For what its worth


Finally started listening to my heart,
singing your serene melody,
felt at peace for once.

Always back here,
making circles in worn out tracks,
tired of dancing this waltz.

For what its worth, you meant everything,
I hoped and dreamed of forever,
yet it all died on the wind.

You come around when you want me,
always take and never give,
never even, always unbalanced.

Another future I lost faith in,
for what its worth, I know I saw it,
gone now, was it even real?

Cat toying with the mouse,
batting it around, just kill it already,
put me out of my misery.

You leave and I feel nothing,
then return like nothing's changed,
for all you care, I'm just here waiting,
but I'm not, time's up.

Breaking away, leaving you behind,
but you won't notice, not for a while,
for what its worth?
I tried.

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your poetry is always

your poetry is always wonderful, I have been amazed by your writing.