I wander alone in shadow,
are you walking with me?

I'm drifting into nothing,
are you holding me down?

I'm reaching for something,
is it you?

I'm searching for peace,
where I belong is in your arms.

I'm holding my heart in my hands,
is it enough for you?

I'm saying all that comes to mind,
forsaking the walls I hide behind.

I'm trusting you with my life,
all I am inside.

I'm whispering my secrets,
are those tears in your eyes?

I'm singing to your soul from miles away,
can you hear me?

I'm touching your skin,
brushing a kiss across your lips,
can you feel my touch?

I'm surrendering, suffocating in you,
but that's nothing new.

I'm breaking and healing,
more than I can stand,
tell me you are too.

I'm leaning on you,
I need your strength,
depending on you.

I'm carrying the weight of the world,
my cross to bear, can you keep pace,
or will you fall behind?

I'm next to you, the star in your sky,
listen to the wind and you'll hear what I'm screaming-
I love you. 

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Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful

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I absolutley LOVE this piece. You are a fantastic writer xx