Two-way mirror


Looking in your eyes,
I see all you are and ever will be,
the dark and light, beauty and destruction.

You are the keeper of the shadows,
the reaper of lost souls,
I know you better than anyone else.

You offer truths or lies, taking in everyone's hurt,
whatever people need to sleep at night.

I could never lie or hide from you,
always tried, failed, you saw everything I fought to contain,
how could you see so much, was I that transparent?

You move with a deadly grace,
eyes dance with a wicked fire,
laughing at the world as it goes up in flames,
seeing all the secrets people fight back.

Always in the shadows, guiding from a step behind,
a shelter from a cold world, taking on so much that wasn't yours to hold.

You wear your wings with pride,
I know the true burden, the emptiness you feel inside.

When I look at you I see all you are,
what I never realized is that you are the reflection of me,
we are one and the same, angels of pain.

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