Fate's plan


You look at me now,
but can you see through me,
through the mask I wear?

When you look in my eyes,
can you see the truth,
the love there, buried among ruins?

Could you be my saving grace,
the one I can hold onto,
who won’t ever walk away?

How can I love someone so much,
when I can barely see you,
can barely feel your touch.

I look at your picture,
search your eyes.

When you look at me,
what is it you love,
what good can you see?

I long to hold you,
to feel your skin under my hands,
to feel your lips, whisper in my ear.

I thought I knew what love was,
that I’d found all the love I’d ever need, I was wrong.

Past love, faded memories,
I see the truth before my eyes.

My love for him wasn’t true,
wasn’t a love that would last forever.

How could it be,
when I love you so much more?

I’m afraid to love you this much,
instinct tells me to pull away,
to go back to my home in the shadows.

You follow me silently,
why can’t I conquer my fears?

Time passes slowly,
each day I see the answers I could never find,
my path with you has changed everything I thought I knew.

Are you the one for me, that will make me eternally happy,
from now till forever ends, will you be mine? 

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