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Swimming, Boxing, Soccer, Reading Inspirational Stories/Novel/Travelling/Hiking/Trekking/Wall Climbing/Wakeboarding/Parasailing/Windsurfing

1. My proud parents named their second born "Joven Rada Rafol". I officially came out from my mother's womb at around 7:45pm on the 7th day of the last month of the year. I'm sporting a nickname at home as Jhun. To my peers and friends, JV would fit me.

2. A proud descendant of the Rafol clan of the barrio Taclobo, town of San Fernando, And a beautiful and enchanted island of Sibuyan, Romblon.

3. A sagguitarian by zodiac, is a 5'7" swimming buff. Second in the family of 6. Has 3 other siblings named Jinky-eldest and twin brothers-Jorlan and Jordan-youngest.

4. A mid-introvert/extrovert who love adventurous life and tranquil places suitable to express his poetic side.

5. He'll give you a million thanks if you could give him for free V/CD/Cassette/DVD of Boyzone, Matchbox 20, Cranberries, Usher, Alicia Keys, B2K, Josh Groban, BSB and Boyz2men. If you can offer for free Tom Hanks' award-winning film-FORREST GUMP, Harrison Ford's INDIANA JONES, Humprey Bougart and Ingrid Bergman's CASABLANCA and all war movies of any sort. Special to mention-Human Interest Stories Books.

6. Tagged by his sister as TV addict, hooked on shows like the Probe Team, National Geo, Game Plan, I-Witness, Lonely Planet, Seventh Heaven and Amazing Race. Idolizes TV Hosts like Che-che Lazaro, Korina Sanchez, Paolo Abrera and Susie Entrata, Karen Davila Howie Severino, Kara David and Jay Taruc on locals. Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Billy Bush, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman on international caliber.

7. If he had to be given chance to rewind his life he would probably be in a career of Travel Journalism, Marine Biology and Astronomy. He also would want to pursue a career in International Studies with concentration in European History.

8. Most fave pet (don't know if it can be called as one) Aquarium with variety of cultured fishes.

9. When free, enjoys to be alone or in a company of silent-but-sensible talking individuals and reflects in a silent place, or might as well be seen walking bare footed in a sand of a peaceful shore watching sun sets.

10. Things he couldn't live without- immediate family, my pens, my books and my present love interests-if you happen to read this you know its you I am referring to.

11. A free-spirited person who has a great attitude of a disciplinarian, whose patience and understanding is far more advanced that the common folks.

12. A no. 1 fan of cinema. He treasured movies lilke: Indiana Jones, Ghost, Casablanca, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, All X-Files movies and tv series, The Thin Red Lines, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, The Village, The Notebook, Cold Mountain, Patriot, Deep Impact, The Last of the Mohicans, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and the God Father. You can relate to his sentiments and ideals if you are a moviegoer too.

13. In case you want to make him laugh you must be the likes or can copy great comic acts of Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Chris Tucker.

14. Impressing him would most likely to be a swimming enthusiast, nature lover, simple but with deep faith in God and probably offer things in blue and green to compliments his being a blue and green color loyalist.

15. In music, would be great to watch in concert the harmonic and heavenly voice of Josh Groban, the sleek and sassy style of Rob Thomas, the crowd-pleaser and people-charmer Maroon 5, the groovy and upbeat concert prowess of Usher and BillyCrawford, the soulful and enchanting voices of Boyz2men and Alicia Keys.

16. Would be willing to learn to play instruments like organ, piano, violin, flute and drums too.

17. A "can-drop-tears" counselor and adviser to his closest buddies and friends. He's very friendly but very meticulous in choosing friends. He clings on and stays to those people who are really sensible and has a liberated view about life.

18. Loves cooking and considers it as an opportunity to impress and win girl's heart or anybody's friendship and love.

19. For an ideal date' would try to bring his special someone down the seashore and walk barefooted on sand while enjoying a great conversation.

20. Most treasured memory in the past was when he was with his 1st love and the amazing thoughts he learned from her. At present- his special someone who is right now the apple of the his eyes- you know who you are, my feelings for you never fail nor wavered and is still in constant growth. Hope we can always be in good terms.

21. Composition of songs, poems and prose, any articles and other writing stuffs would complete his day.

22. When he has lots of liesure time he would always visit any swimming pools or nearby beach/es or just travel with his cam and take nature photos or anything that would catch his interests. In addition, he's starting to study exteriors designing and landscaping and extending his knowledge on the wonders of photography.

23. His usual dress code: not-so-tight denim jeans and semi-fit t-shirts and polos and a pair of sneakers.

24. Considers biting the edge of a pen his worst habit

25. He's into sports of swimming, boxing, football, bowling, badminton, volleyball, sailing and diving.

26. A girl is likely to impress him if she has nice set of teeth, long jet-black hair, and nice-clean feet. In terms of personality, he prefers bubbly, easy to go with, smart and intelligent, has own share of her faith in God and respectful.

27. Fave time of the day: breezy afternoon or near midnight

28. Catches his interest most is to listen or read human-interest stories, travel with local destination and share culture with different people. His life's greatest fancy is to travel Europe and the rest of the world.

29. Would like to meet in person famous personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Kraig Kielburger, Kofi Annan, The Dalai Lama, Shannen Sossamon, Gretchen Baretto, Tony Blair, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie.

30. Fascinated by Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. A plate of veggies and pasta and a cup of crab and corn soup would make him survive. Lastly, He believes in two great cliches:
"Dream your dreams, do your best, never doubts, never rests, until the dream is yours"
"The more you take focus on what you want in life and believe in yourself and God, the more it'll gonna happen to you"

This is the real me. For those who read it and would-be readers my appreciation and thanks.....enjoy my autobio.

Original Manuscript by"

Joven Rada Rafol

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The cleanest navel i got in the world...hmmmmm...heck! whatta claim!..hygeinic enough to offer a mild kiss

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''Dream your dreams, do your best, never doubts, never rests, until the dream is yours''


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