How We Happened.

I remember typing into google "gay teen chat rooms" I was desperate ok? 16, alone, and gay. I would scroll through the page trying to find something at least a bit promising. Then there it was, Trevorspace. I made an account and gave it try, not 6 hours later you were in my life. I like to think that I swept you off your feet, but we both know I was a bit too eager. We talked for hours that first night. I remember laying in my bed, the only light from my laptop and constantly refreshing the page so I could respond to you as soon as possible. We continued on for almost a month, I knew you were the one I wanted. But then it stopped and I felt silly for feeling so broken. Two weeks had passed and I had spent all my free time on that site not wanting to risk missing you. Then finally, you messaged me and the cycle began again. But what you didn't know is I feel in love with you while you were gone. Sitting in the cold hockey rink enjoying the game with friends, couples all around me, I knew just then that it was you I wanted to be sitting on my lap. Then finally christmas rolled around and after two months of talking I had gathered the courage to ask for your number. We talked constantly then. I was packing to leave for a trip to my dad's the first time we Skyped. I was so nervous. You smiled and those dimples stole my heart. Then, on that new years eve we were hundreds of miles apart but I told you I loved you. You didn't say it back, but that was ok. I knew how I felt and wanted to share it with you. You wanted to wait until we had finally met to ask me to be your girlfriend but neither of us is that patient. I still have the picture of you holding up your notebook saying you loved me and asking me to be yours saved as my background. I met you the next month. I remember my plane landing and I was shaking so bad the man in the seat next to me asked me if I was ok. I lied and said I had a fear of landing when in all honesty I just wanted to run and hold you. I walked off my plane and through the revolving door where I saw you standing. I smiled, ducked my head, and hugged you. All we could say at first was "Hi". I grabbed my bag, you took my hand, and that's when we started our life together.

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