Classic Cataclysmic

When diagrams fail, and when diadems crack

in the unceasing tides of the world;

when darkness has fallen in fits -- in death throes --

and the sun hides in fear far from home;

when those tides pelt the lands with a torrent,

and the lands answer feebly in groans;

then the world has seen plenty of trouble,

and my world stands, shiv'ring, alone.

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Jackson's picture

Indeed it's good. I like that line "then the world has seen plenty of trouble", especially as it fits with the rest of the poem. What makes the line so poetic is how it's in ordinary speech--juxtaposed with the catastrophic eloquence of the rest of the poem. I likes me the feel, I likes me the feel.

Stephanie Barlow's picture

this, this is GOOD. no kidding. it makes me think about what it means, and makes me wonder how you thought to put those words one in front of the other. really, good job.