I wish that I could see your mind

And what I hoped for therein find;

Alas, I must, like all the rest

Use words and instances to test.

Perhaps it does not matter much

To most folks, but I am not such

A person as to see the many

And decide I’d be one too.

Always I had searched for any

Way that I could not stay true

To the mass of many men

That has no ‘I’, only ‘we’.

If I am but one of them then

What is left of what was me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking about myself too much again...

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Athalia Lystra's picture

Very true. I love when the ‘I’s’ get turned into ‘We’s’ so we’re all at fault or triumph. It’s strange how that works don’t you think… :p
The title was what initially drew me to this piece and I couldn’t have elucidated this any better.