A long time ago in the eyes of a child

The world was a pretty emblazoned expanse;

The days turned to years and the years spun their threads

Through the certainty, value and life that once was.

A long time ago in the eyes of a child

Great happiness lay in the grass on the earth;

Those days passed with quickness belied at the start

When eyes and a face cast in fire’s warmth glowed.

A short time ago through the eyes of a man

These visions of fires and halcyon days

Caught something important inside of a cage

And burned away ages of bile and rage;

Eyes shaded with chaos and angry diversions,

With fractals and figures devoiding of sense-

Those eyes gazed, uncertain, on decade drenched pasts,

Peered out and recovered- still lost- what had been.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This has a lot to do with an episode of Cowboy Bebop and Princess Mononoke in my mind, but probly not in yours.

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Ninay Escover's picture

i've heard of cowboy bebop, but i never seen one. anyway i like your poem! its really expresive and deep.