Long are the roads and steep that out of caves

Lead up to light; Experience relays

No fastened turning walls or short’ning ways;

She wishes to meet only with the brave,

The ones who do not always stay behaved:

To find that phantom goddess they will fight

The sandy stream or promontory height.

Give up your shadows and embrace the light!

There are no guarantees above the ground,

But if your mind and body are still sound

You may just live a life and not a thing

That has no sweetness as it has no sting.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is sort of a combination of Plato's allegory of the cave and my own ideas of the way you should live your life.

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Jackson's picture

I like it. I think that life should be lived like that too. What struck me most about Plato's cave was how very difficult it was to climb towards the light...the uphill battle, the blinding light, the inclination to turn back...but good stuff like that is worth the struggle.
So, nice poem, y'know. You made a good point, made it well, and made a nifty allusion. I LIEK ALLSUIONS!!!!111

god's picture

bah, nobody travels on roads and through caves. they all fly on wings of golden grass that flap 365 times per second.

Tammy Steele's picture

Yes! It reminded me of Plato from the beginning. Good job!!