Sit down and think about what you’ve got planned:

Is it your goal to change all of your deeds

To no importance?   Honestly, it would;

What holds you off from living anyway?

Why do you think like this at all?  You have

All sorts of things to live for: kids, a wife,

A bunch of friends, good work and happy life.

And I now… do you really think that you

Must end this?  Well, if one’s to go it should

Be me – not that I’d say I should

Or anything.  Why question me?  You have

All things I don’t and I have had no good

Effects on people – though it matters not.

Why question yet again?  Look here, my friend;

I’ve lost my mom and dad, I have no mate,

I care for none and hate my work… is that

Good reason?  Nevermind.  Die then, for I

Don’t care.  I’m tired… I’m going home; goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is intended to be a dramatic monologue in the vein of Browning's "My Last Duchess," but it has been misunderstood... :/

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sadomasochism's picture

what a lame poem. how could you focus on all that psychological nonsense like that? im sooo disappointed. i was looking forward to an explanation of this man's plan for taking his own life in graphic detail. something like... oh, i dunno... "i plan to tie a cat to my left big toe, then cover myself in turpentine, tie a fifty foot noose to my neck and a rail on the side of the roof of the empire state building, then jump down, lighting myself on fire as i fall." then id at least be sure the guy was really going to die.

Haley Hillman-Wilson's picture

This is an awsome poem. Keep it up.