Those eyes you seem to see when everyone’s not looking at you

The impulse to flee and the need to stick around

The feeling that you’ll never find your place

The understanding that the way things are is not worth anything

The way you always try too hard and end up smiling by yourself

The alienation of speaking and being heard by no one at all

The hopelessness you get in your heart as you turn and walk away

Those eyes looking back at you with such interest

The smile you give in return as you talk of anything

The giddiness that you realize was all because of her

The movements of your face expanded by her presence

The way you always seem to have something interesting to say

The unending happiness you seem to have about these things

The understanding that even if this disappears, it will always be in your heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem born of too much thinking... for this one I tried to do a kind of stanza formation that I'd never done before.  See what you think... :/

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hypochondriasis's picture

y'know... maybe not everyone sees these "eyes you seem to see when everyone's not looking at you". maybe you should see a doctor about this. it sounds pretty serious to me. then again, if theyre pretty eyes, maybe its worth the insanity... at any rate, if you start seeing other disembodied body parts, i think you should consult the comment on that suicide poem of yours, that comment on there was pure genius.