To You


I saw you and at once I wondered why

I had so long been waiting for the sight;

The face, the voice, the gently glinting eye

All seemed at once to be so very right.

You looked back and I wondered if you knew

What made me smile, what animated me,

In speech, in wit, even in life anew,

And turned on latent creativity.

And yet it is no way to bring about

A simple understanding on your part;

For every earnest moment one of doubt

Comes out and brings a pang straight to my heart.

And so I write this that you'll never see

As if it is some way to placate me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is basically an experiental amalgamation of past love experiences into something that's trying to be cohesive and thought-provoking... tell me how I did.

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"YOU"'s picture

i saw you too. and i wondered why you kept staring at me all the time and then jotting down notes in your pad... at first i thought maybe you were some kind of cannibal making note of the choice meats available on me. now i see that youre actually some kind of sentimental, touchy-feely, freakish kind of guy that thinks too much and likes writing cool poetry. now i just wonder which is worse. i mean, after a while, you might become a cannibal too, in addition to the poetic side. now -that- would be scary.