You know how much the pain inside bites,

Gonna live with you in my life,

Make me smile when I want to cry,

A part of me only you understand,

Catch me when I fall,

Stay up late talking to you,

Something happened in my heart,

Can't hide from friends any longer,

You're in-escapable,

Can't see why we should be divided,

I need a moment to tell you how I feel,

I'm only waiting in my head,

Hold me close but dont let me die,

Forever a shining star I can believe,

Laugh and cry, live and not die,

Thought I was alone until I found you,

I believe I can rely on you,

Ease me through and put my feet back on the ground,

Little things remind me of you and I smile,

You're true with me,

Tell me straight,

I'm hoping so much you'll stay,

Keep me close,

Hold me tight in your heart too,

You maybe miles away,

But it feels like you're right here with me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this for my friend and tbqh hes probably 1 of the best friends ive had!

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