You werent very old,

Only 10 months if a day,

Im sorry you died.

I always cared for you,

Always loved you,

Always will love you.

Persnickity wont forget you,

I wont forget you,

You were so cute.

I thought youd live a little longer,

Never dreamed of you going away so soon,

It feels like yesterday when i got you.

My sweet little Shadow,

Always nibbled me, i didnt care,

Ill always remember you.

Forever in my heart,

Forever in my thoughts,

Forever my love for you remains.

I wish you hadnt gone,

Ill miss your silky ebony coat,

Black eyes like ink drops.

My little Mouse,

My little Love,

My little Shadow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My little Mouse, Shadow, died today. Heres a small poem to always remember her by.

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