I needed to cry and you werent there,

I needed to hold you,

I wished for you to just be with me,

But you werent.

I write this not in anger at you,

Not in hate for you,

I could never hate you,

Or become angry at you.

I felt so alone,

Tears rolling and my heart jumping,

Have I dont something wrong?

Or is it simply just me?

Tears taking physical form,

Images in my head,

Alone without you,

Bleeding wrists tell my tale.

A cut here and a cut there,

Blood rivulets on my arm,

Dried trails fall off my arm,

Pale life lies before my eyes.

Gone, everything I had, just gone,

A life without you,

Is like eternity without a soul,

Id gladly die without you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

morbid i know, but i dont care!

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