PHOENIX (part1)


The one I love is so far away,

The one I love is deep in my heart,

Holding me tightly,

Snuggled against me,

Keeping me safe from harm,

The one I love loves me back.

Holding me close,

Surrounding me with love,

My heart skips a beat,

Each time we touch,

Each time we kiss,

Each time I think of him.

Vampiric like tendencies,

Needle sharp fangs,

Cat like reflexes,

And claws to match,

Long blond hair,

Gorgeous blue eyes.

A heart so pure,

Its like a ruby,

It glows in the night,

Showing me that I am loved,

Faceted beyond belief,

It looks so pretty.

Soul which shines brightly,

Like a candle in a pitch black room,

Warmth and love radiate,

Wave upon wave of caring and passion,

Gentle yet secure embrace,

Like a Phoenix, his heart and soul wont die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ok i wrote this in an email to my bf jsut randomly while Crucify My Love by X-Japan was playing, and since its in japanese this is totally not related, i also wrote part 2 last night in bed, and it will be up soon.


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