Torn Love

Gone, as if you had never been there,

Just disappeared offline,

No word, no message, nothing.

My eyes filled with tears,

You didnt even say "I LOVE YOU"

Didnt wait to see if Id come back,

You just went, left me there alone.

Tear ducts burst like a river flowing to the sea,

Falling faster and faster,

Streaming down my cheeks.

The pain inside so intense,

Like a knife to my heart,

Slow and very painful,

Overwhelming me with sadness.

Laying in bed, writing this poem,

My heart aches for you,

You didnt even call me.

I never want to lose you,

I never want to experience that kind of pain,

My heart feels hurt and broken,

My cheeks sore from the salty tears.

I dont know what to do, this hurts so bad,

You know how much you mean to me,

I hope you know "I LOVE YOU" because I do!

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