The way your eyes sparkle,

The sexy smile you have.

That twinkle in your eyes is like diamonds,

Grey-blue colour they shine,

Cute little smirk when you’re looking at me.

The perfect way your kisses feel,

The warmth we share when we cuddle,

The way your body feels against mine.

The loving things you say to me,

Sweetest little whispers in my ear,

Breathless "I LOVE YOU" 's.

Pet names that make me feel special,

The gentle touch you have,

You make everything bad seem to disappear.

You make everything seem so dreamy,

You make my world complete,

You make me feel things I never did before,

You make me feel loved and special.

You came into my life and made me happy,

You’re everything to me,

My world, friend, true love, soul mate - all in one.

I can’t ever describe my feelings for you,

All I know is, I LOVE YOU, I will forever,

Id die without you.

Thank you for making me feel the way I do,

I LOVE YOU; I promise I’ll never stop.

My Baby.

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