Torn Love

You came along and I saw an angel,

I fell instantly in-love with you,

Then they came,

They try to rip us apart.

We built a wall around us,

They came along and tore it down from around us,

Try to split us up,

But in reality only make us stronger.

Drowning in our own sorrows,

Still they don’t realise how much we hurt,

How much we love each other,

The way they will die.

A fist to the face, a foot to the ribs,

A hand and dagger to the heart,

Cracking bone here, broken bone there,

A gaping bloody hole in a heartless body.

Tears of pain, sorrow, hate, pouring out,

Cheeks and clothes soaked from the wetness,

Broken fingers from hitting the wall,

Broken objects that have been thrown.

De-hydration sets in from perpetual crying,

Snivelling because of a runny nose,

Racing heart because of anger and frustration,

More broken objects, on the floor, and my body.

The room becomes a fighting ground,

Clicking my fingers, id snap their necks soon,

Evil glances are shared round the room,

Insults are flying, and so are fists.

Tearing us apart, look at where we are,

We made it, still together, always will be,

No matter what you do to us, we will only grow stronger,

First on my bad list, and first on yours.

Screams of pain, from them,

Screams of pleasure, from me,

Blood splattering everywhere imaginable,

Scars left on the wounded bodies.

Hearts still torn apart from the pain before,

Tears still flowing, but flowing as blood,

Not from me, but from them,

Looking sad and beaten badly, ha.

There's nothing more in the world that id rather have,

Nothing more id rather ask for,

Just my love to you to be returned,

Because I LOVE YOU!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is part 1 in a 2 part poem set, they may seem similar, but then again they were both written one after the other!

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