Torn Love

Fairness. What is being fair?
Seeing each other every other weekend,
Seeing each other every day
Living so far away we see each other every few weekends.

The pain of not having you here I cope with, day by day,
But it gets harder, and each time I see you, the harder it is to let you go,
I can't wait to live together, to have your face to wake-up to everyday,
To have our bodies coiled round each other every night.

What are we to do? How are we to cope with this pain?
Why are we cursed with this hell tormenting our souls?
I'm incomplete without you around,
You're incomplete without me around.

It feels so wrong without you around, without your touch,
Without my touch on you, without me around you, it's not meant to be like this,
It's meant to be together forever, with each other, not seperated,
Our hearts ache as we see but can't touch and hear each other.

Tears roll down my cheeks onto the keyboard, onto me,
Sitting here lonely, missing your touch, missing your presence about,
Sitting there, missing my touch, missing my presence around,
Tears falling down your cheeks, onto your arms, hands, lap, alone.

Pain inside cuts deep, like a freshly sharpened sword to the heart,
Waiting for the next time we get to be together, waiting in eternity,
Waiting forever and it never seeming to come, and finally it does,
Joy, happiness, pain relief, aching gone, until you leave, then it returnes.

Hard as we may seem, we are only human, we have emotions and feelings,
It may not seem like it, but we do, really, I swear it,
My love for you runs true, like a river running its course,
Your love for me runs true, like an adjacent river, finally they become one.

I'm in tears, and the crying that I do is all over you, your love for me,
Wanting to be with each other for the rest of forever and beyond,
Knowing that won't happen until a certian time, our time, July,
Tears blurring my vision, tears blurring yours, pain hurting our hearts.

Knives digging into our hearts, stone walls dividing us,
Cold winds chill my bones, my body, and no-one here to warm me up,
Cold weather chills your bed, your body, and I can't warm you up,
Shivering alone at night in bed, cold, naked, depressed, crying, alone.

Never wanting to let you go, never going to let you go, both feeling the same,
Forever giving our love to the other, knowing its returned ten times more back,
The pain is always there until we will finally be together,
Until that time, we will both suffer un-mentionable torture and heartache.

Lying in bed thinking of each other, thinking of the good times we have together,
Laying in bed alone, thinking of spending the rest of our lives together,
Thinking of holding each other in our arms, keeping the other warm,
Just holding the other in your arms is like heaven, everything else is a bonus.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

no this poem isnt about Hoobs or kittens, its a coded name for my BF, Stu, and this is for Stu! n thanx for helping write it.

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You're welcome, I would do almost anything that you asked. I love you.