Torn Love

I want what I can't have at present,

Stole my heart and put it in a box,

Keeps me sane and yet I can't have you,

My eyes cry for you, I want you.

Wishing upon a candle, casting a spell,

Wishing upon a star, casting a wish,

Thinking of you always, always in my heart,

Thinking of my life ebbing slowly away without you.

Talking through wires and cables, so far away,

Wanting to feel your arms around me,

My hand in your's, gazing into your eyes,

Missing you when we aren't together.

Forbidden passions run through my veins,

Wanting your arms around my body, holding me tight,

One thing dominating my thoughts, you!

Smudged eye make-up on my sheets, I miss you!

A cute Angel from heaven I have met, so sweet,

My heart breaking from love of another,

I couldn't pick between them, it's just unfair,

Having one but not the other, it's torture.

Your blue eyes, so cold but warm at the same time,

Body skinny but oh so gorgeous and warm,

Hands running through my long hair, mine in your's,

Sweet lips, so pure and soft to touch and kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to Screenager.

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teresa_r's picture

I can so relate to this
I know how you feel.