Torn Love

My tears falling like glass shards, mini daggers,

Arms frozen stiff, body rigid yet quivering,

Cold wet drops falling from my yellow eyes,

Shaking with my cries and breaths, I miss you.

Theres something missing from my life, it's you,

The pain cuts deep and painful how I want you in my arms,

Holding me close so I can't feel it,

My body cold and rigid, suffering from depression.

Eyes weeping, veins giving and flowing red liquid,

Heart aching for your love, your heart in mine,

My body next to your's, my hand in your's, our eyes locking,

Your gentle hand brushing away my tears as I weep.

Arms locking around each other, holding each other close and warm,

Soft tears falling gently onto my top, my eyes closed,

Cold shivers running down my spine as we part,

My eyes swelling again and again when we are appart.

Your eyes full of tears, like mine, crying and smiling,

Gazing into each other's eyes, as if hypnotised,

Bodies melting in each other's arms, fully clothed,

Warm hands holding the other tight.

Missing you forever, hoping that we will be together,

My heart aching in pain to be full filled,

My arms by my sides, open for love and you,

Perpetually wanting to hold you close.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Brandon. I love you so much!

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