Knowing how bad your life is,

Seeing someone else just the same,

You both know what's wrong,

And yet you dont speak a word.

Looking at each other,

You both know what's up,

Tears start to form in your eyes,

Then you're holding each other crying.

Feeling both hearts burn,

Knowing internally it's bad,

Standing there crying on each other,

Sharing your feelings without a word.

Remembering all the bad times,

Eyes swelling with tears and then,

You're all alone in your room,

Sitting all alone crying your eyes out.

Wishing you were with that person again,

Holding each other close, so warm,

Tears falling too quickly to stop,

Wanting to be in their arms again.

Your vision is blurred and colourful,

Wiping dry your eyes, they sting,

Smiling and looking around your room,

you're back with that person again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to David Pay a true friend, thanx darlin :D

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