I love you,

I always have and always will,

But life is too hard,

So far from each other,

I feel my blade cut my veins,

I feel my arm burn,

I look down and I see blood dripping,

Coming out in spurts and flowing,

Closing my eyes I pull on the blade,

Ripping a deep cut up my arm,

I look down at it,

Perfectly straight all the way up,

Smiling to myself I faint,

The blood loss is too much,

Cracking my head,

And landing on my other arm,

I lay on the floor,

Slowly and slilently bleeding.

I sudenly feel very warm,

I check my wrist and nothing is there,

Im worried looking I see chains,

Skelatons and fire,

Im in Hell,

Trying to move my shackled soul,

Its no use,

Im trapped.

Im feeling weak, exhausted and tired,

Looking down I see it,

The long pink mark,

Its stopped for now,

As it swells it hurts,

Pulling my arm from the cloth,

The scab tears as well,

Bleeding again I cry,

I died and returned,

Its just not fair.

Remembering the angle,

The pain so vivid in my mind,

Remembering the crimson coloured blood,

Flow from my body,

Draining out of my arm,

Covering my clothes in a dark stain,

Watching as my veins give again,

The excruciating pain of the blade,

Ripping my soft vulnerable flesh,

The sharpness of the blade cutting,

Its all so clear in my mind,

Its stopped again for now,

The dark red liquid subsiding,

A slight trickle on my arm,

Knowing I could have died so easily,

Grateful I hadn't,

I want the one I love the most to know,

I will always love you,

Re-cutting my arm,

To die for you,


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