You're the reason I live when all I want to do is die,

The reason I still have a heart, and a heart that beats,

The reason I sometimes cry, because you're not here with me.

I've never really had anything special in my life,

Then I got you, and you are all I ever wanted,

I just can't believe the way you kiss, I say what's on my mind.

I feel so alive around you, and yet in a dreamy state,

I found the kind of love I have been searching for,

Loving you has got to be like 2 Angels in eternal heaven.

I'll never feel cold inside as long as I have you,

I could never be a prisoner of your love, or a victim,

I could never let you go out of my life, you mean too much.

I don't want to burn in paradise, love me forever and always,

My heart would cease to beat without you in my life,

Told that I could never be loved, they were wrong.

My body misses your touch, and your loving means everything to me,

The love we share, rotates like the world we are in,

Lightening and thinder couldn't keep me away from you.

I'm never going to be the same now that I love you,

I could never leave you alone in this cruel world,

It's just not right, I need you as much as you need me.

You're the reason I live when I breakdown and cry,

You're the reason I am really truely happy,

You're the reason why I can love someone without hurt.

The only one I want to spend eternity and beyond with,

The only one I could ever love without pain and hurt feelings,

The only one I consider to have ever wanted and could never give up.

I would do anything to be with you, forever and always,

I would give my life to spend an eternal moment with you,

I would do anything to just see you happy forever.

The crying that I do is for you, I've suffered and found love,

These felings inside, took me for a ride, and I came out alive,

Baby, you're my Angel, come to make things alright again.

Come and save me tonight, I don't want to be cold,

Come and take me to your place, a place of love, take me to Heaven,

Come and take me away from this cold world and into yours.

Promise never to hurt me and cause me un-necessary pain,

Hold me tight in your arms and never let me go,

Love me forever, I know it's real love and not just strong lust.

There was a hole in my soul and you patched it up,

Gave me true love, Heaven, happiness and someone I can't replace,

Belive in me when I say that, I need your love and,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The time it took to write this and then to re-write it almost perfectly felt like an eternity, but I didnt mind simply because it's for you, the most perfect person in the world and I could never give you up for anyone ever, no matter who it was or how sexy they are, YOU are the one i love and the ONLY person that i want and will ever want. For all my life I have dreamed of meeting someone like you, and i finally have.

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